Get a brand new BIG idea every week

Get a brand new BIG idea every week

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If you’ve enjoyed reading any of John’s books, and would like to get more content from him, then you’re in luck!

John writes a weekly blog, with a brand new “big idea” every Wednesday lunchtime. More simple, practical tools and tactics to help your small business grow – and as you’d expect from John, they’re all written in his trademark “down to earth, no-nonsense” style.

Latest Big Ideas

Six ways to use Comedy in Business

Six ways to use Comedy in Business

I just can't switch off. Every now and then, I like to have a little break from business books, and the world of personal development. I'm all "learned out", and feel the need to just read some fiction, or listen to some audiobooks from people outside of the business...

Marketing for Restaurants: A cautionary tale

Marketing for Restaurants: A cautionary tale

I've not long come back from a family holiday in Tenerife. We love Tenerife - the weather's (usually) hot and sunny, the beaches are great, and the kids love racing each other up and down the long seaside promenades. There's just one thing that niggles me about...

The 64/4 rule explained – with examples

The 64/4 rule explained – with examples

We've all heard of the 80/20 principle - the notion that 80% of your results are driven by 20% of your actions. Known also as the Pareto principle, it was explained in great detail in Richard Koch's book "The 80/20 principle". 80% of your nutritional needs are met by...

Apple’s EvangeList REALLY saved the company

Apple’s EvangeList REALLY saved the company

In the mid 1990's, tech giant Apple was on its knees. It was trying to compete with Microsoft, and losing. It was trying to compete with Dell, Toshiba, and HP - and losing. Apple came close to folding, until in 1995, some guy returned to Apple, having previously left...

Why segmenting your email list REALLY matters

Why segmenting your email list REALLY matters

"CONGRATULATIONS! You're going to the Champions League Final" What an email to receive - especially if you're a Spurs or Liverpool fan. With tickets for the all-English final being re-sold on eBay for up to £5,500, "low cost" Easyjet flights to Madrid costing upwards...

6 things you can learn from a pilot

6 things you can learn from a pilot

6 things pilots can teach you about running a small business: 1. Pilots are always learning. They don't "wing it" (pun very much intended), and have an extremely broad knowledge, wide enough to cover practically anything they will ever be likely to need in flying. 2....

“John and Jason have been there and done it and don’t have an ego about it like many others.

I know I am better organised, better planned and prepared and more likely to succeed sooner, thanks to their wisdom and experience.”

Matt Tricot - 1upsearch

"Two normal blokes from Plymouth" John and Jason have been working together, building businesses for over two decades!

They're the anti-gurus with a strong dislike of psuedo business psycho-babble. Their no-nonsense, straightforward approach with relateable and valuable advice has won them followers from all over the world. They've helped hundreds of business owners improve their businesses and lives.

The King of Can-do and the 'Lazy' Entrepreneur have a mountain of knowledge they're happy to share.

Could you DOUBLE your business 1% at a time?

Could you grow your business by just 1% this week? That doesn’t sound too hard, does it? Well, if you could grow your business by just 1% every week, after 69 weeks, you’d have DOUBLED your business!

These 1% gains are the same techniques used by the British Cycling Team that helped them turn a bunch of “also-rans” into world beaters, notching up forty-two medals in the last four Olympics, as well as winning six of the last seven Tour De France races.

The One Percent Club will show you EXACTLY how to implement these 1% gains into your business, and how they can stack up to REALLY grow your business.

John released his first book “Big Ideas… for Small Businesses” in 2017, and it shot straight to the #1 bestseller list for Small Business and Entrepreneurship on Amazon, outselling books by Richard Branson, Alan Sugar and Duncan Bannatyne combined.

Since then, it’s sold thousands and thousands of copies all over the world, and attracted more than 100 five-star reviews. But more importantly, it’s changed the lives of small business owners all over the world, who now understand that running a lifestyle business isn’t a bad thing.

I think you’ll like it…

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