Here at Big Idea we have built up five separate businesses in different sectors from £0 to over £100k and we’d now like to help you grow your business too.  We run mastermind groups for business owners who want to grow their business.  These groups run monthly, in the evenings, and usually last for around 3 hours.

During the mastermind, each business owner has 20 minutes where we identify areas within their business which could help them grow, provide advice and insight on how to achieve that growth, determine the one thing which they need to do to give them the best chance of success and then hold them accountable at the next meeting.  The masterminds cover anything from leaflet design, to offer creation, referral programs to cutting expenses.  At the end of each session, every attendee has an action plan which they need to complete before the next meeting, which will help them grow their business, and reach their business and personal goals quicker.

We are working with a range of business owners who are determined for their businesses to grow.  We have a broad range of businesses including a builder, a solicitor, a handyman, a carpet cleaning company, outdoor education provider, mortgage consultant and lettings agency.

If you would like to join one of our mastermind groups, please fill out the form below, and we’ll hook you up with the next date.