Market Message Media TriangleHere at Big Idea, we understand what makes a great piece of marketing, it is the planning.  The more planning that is put into the piece, the greater the chances of its success.  Now, this doesn’t mean that you can procrastinate over the planning infinitum, and never run the promotion or offer (as members of our mastermind groups will testify), but it does mean that you must give it some thought.

We follow the principles of Market, Message, and Media to plan and evaluate all aspects of starting a business to setting up a product offer.  These three important principles are the foundations of all that we do, and here’s why they should be yours:

faviconMarket (a group of people who share something in common)

The market is a long list of questions which will help you understand if your product or service will create a profitable business.  The questions are who, what, when, where, why and how, once you have answered these questions, you will be in a better place to create the message and then the media for your business idea.

  • Who, are your customers, the people who will pay for your product or service.  Understanding who they are is paramount when it comes to selling to them.  Only when you fully understand who your customer is, can you move on to create your message for them, and the media you need to use to get your message to them.
  • What are your customer needs? what are their pain points that you are trying to solve? What will they gain from using your product or service?
  • When are your customers going to buy your product/service?
  • Where will they be when they looking to purchase?
  • Why are they going to buy at that time, place or period in their life?
  • How do they access your service? How do they buy your product? How easy is it? How are they feeling when they do?


faviconOnce you have discovered your market, you will understand your customers very well and will know the right offer/promotion/product/service that they need.  You will be able to craft the piece of marketing that will appeal to your market, and specifically to your customer avatar.  The message needs to craft in such a way as it addresses the one thing that customers listen to, WIIFM (What’s In It For Me).  Get the message right, to the right people, and your two-thirds of the way to a successful campaign.


faviconThe third element of the three M’s is Media.  Again, essential to get right, your choice of how you deliver the message, is critical to it being heard by your customers.  You can have identified your customer, and crafted the best piece of marketing, but if they never see it, it’s all wasted.  So, using your customer avatar, and the information gleaned from the research into the Market, you will be able to identify the best way to get your message in front of the buyer.  Are they Facebook users? do they read a newspaper? Do they play games? Do they have a mobile phone? Do they use the buses?


So, to sum up; whether you are launching a product, or a business or even a new offer, we believe that to give it the best chance of success, you need to do some planning.  Market, Message, Media is the means to do this, the time spent planning, will more than pay for itself from both the new customers gained and the reduced costs of the marketing.  Can you afford to not give it a go?

Oh and one last point, it is VERY important that you also do these things in the right order:


Without knowing your market, you cannot create a message, or know what media to use.  The one common thing we hear with small business owners is “I must do Facebook Ads, can you show me how?” or “The Herald have offered me a ¼ page ad for £150 what should do with it?”.  Whilst some markets will be on Facebook, and some may read the Herald, not everyone is, and without knowing your market, you could just be throwing away your money.  Similarly, if the message is wrong, it doesn’t appeal or strike a chord with your market, you may as well pour your money down the drain.

Remember: The tighter your market, the better your message, and the easier it is to work out the best way of delivering it.