2019 goals

The world and his Facebook feed will be full of New Year’s Resolutions later this week (if yours isn’t already!), and I’m thinking about things a little differently this year.

First of all, my 2019 goals were planned out in October as usual, which means I’ve already started laying the foundations for them (and have even ticked two off already!), and can hit the ground running in January.

But when I was planning out my goals, I gave just as much thought to what I DIDN’T want, as I did to all the things I wanted to achieve.

Sure, I want to grow. I want to make more money. I want to have nice holidays, and better health. Blah, Blah, Cliched Blah.

But MORE important was what I DIDN’T want.

Things that I was currently doing, that I don’t want to be doing.

Traps and unhelpful patterns and routines that I’ve fallen into this year (or previous years).

I don’t want to work hard.

I don’t want to value money over time.

I don’t want to do ANYTHING that I don’t love to do.

I don’t want to take stupid risks.

I don’t want to put work before health.

Most importantly of those for me is “I don’t want to value money over time.” I fell into this trap over the last few years of doing things because they pay well. I hated dealing with them, and resented every single second that I spent working on those projects.

So at the very top of my 2019 vision board are the words “TIME ABOVE ALL ELSE”.

That’s my #1 priority. The most valuable asset that I possess and treasure. I’ve going to protect it with my life.

Because I haven’t always done that in 2018, and I don’t want the same for 2019.

What don’t YOU want next year?