how to double your business

Could you double your business in 69 days?

Doubling your business in 69 days sounds impossible, right?

OK then, How about 69 weeks?

Could you grow your business by just 1% this week?

And then 1% next week?

1% growth again the week after.

Rinse and repeat. Week after week.

Do that for 69 weeks, and hey presto – you’ve just doubled your business!

Could you get 1% better at selling?

Increase your profit margins by 1%?

Be 1% more focused?

Do 1% more marketing?

Reduce wastage by 1%, and train your staff to be 1% more effective?

Tick off simple 1% improvements in your finances, mindset, learning, networking, communications, copywriting, negotiation and people management?

Get 1% more people seeing your ads? Persuading 1% more of them to click on the ad? Getting 1% more of them to sign up for your lead magnet, and then increase your email open rates by 1%.

Get 1% more people buying, spending 1% more money on 1% more items. Reduce your refunds or cancellations by 1%. Get customers taking upsells 1% more often, returning 1% more often, and referring 1% more of their friends.

Collect 1% more testimonials and 1% more reviews. Post 1% more often on Social Media with offers that are 1% better than what you’re doing right now.

Do just ONE of those things every week, with a TINY 1% improvement, and 69 weeks later…

BOOM! You’ve just doubled your business.

Of course you CAN get there quicker.

Make some 5% improvements every week, and you can do it in just over 14 weeks. Stack up a couple of easy 1% gains every single day, and you’d double your business in little over a month.

But make it easy.

Unless you’re already running a perfectly oiled machine, with every single moving part working at 100% capacity, improving one single element by just 1% should be easily achievable for just about every single one of us.

1% gains, compounded daily takes you just over two months to double your business.

69 days.

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