14993310_10154567546316287_2285343204376176096_nI’m currently reading Grant Cardone‘s latest book “Be Obsessed or Be Average”, and this line jumped out at me a few days ago – it seems to be pretty damn relevant this morning.

Cardone WANTS haters – just as “The Donald” wanted them during his campaign – He wasn’t fighting for the middle ground, he WANTED to polarise people, he WANTED a nation divided, he WANTED people to love him and people to HATE him.

He didn’t want people to be indifferent to him, or even unaware of who he is, and what he stands for. Indifferent people don’t vote, and they might vote for the other guy. Polarise people, and those who hate you will vote for the other guy, whilst those that love you will campaign, donate, ensure their friends and family vote for you, and (literally and figuratively) fight for you.
Tell me another candidate in any other presidential election who has had more worldwide coverage (for well over a year now!) about his policies and beliefs. THAT’s what happens when you get people to hate you.

To borrow another quote from Grant Cardone (whose goal is to get EVERYONE on the planet to have heard his name, and build a $4bn Real Estate business) – “Love me, or hate me, at least you know my name…”