oh shit'o'meter

Did your “Oh Shit’o’meter” go off this morning?

I was introduced to an interesting concept at one of our One Percent Club meetings last month – The “Oh Shit’o’meter”.

We were talking about problem staff – how to deal with them, when and how to get rid of them, and how to tell the difference between an A-player and a B-player.

Or more likely, the difference between a B-player, and a D-player.

One Percenter Chris introduced us all to the concept which helps you tell INSTANTLY when you’ve got a bad apple in your team, or when you’ve got a superstar whom you can’t function without.

If that person calls in sick in the morning, and your instant reaction isn’t “oh shit!”, then you’ve got a D-player.

If you react with a shrug of the shoulders, or even relief, then that person isn’t crucial to the success of your business, and you should probably consider their long term future.

But if your Oh Shit’o’meter is sounding the alarm loud and proud, you’ve probably got a superstar there who you rely heavily on. Look after them!!

What does your Oh Shit’o’meter tell you about YOUR team?