no-hustle-neededI LOVE this quote from my business Hero Warren Buffett – Business isn’t that hard really:

1. Get them to buy.
2. Get them to spend more.
3. Get them to buy more often.

I see so many people trying to over-complicate things – they want to feel that they’ve really grafted (or “hustled” to quote our American friends.. I HATE that term!) to make a success of their business.

They’re off following the equivalent of an olympic athlete’s training regime, or a NASA launch sequence, so they can jump for those 7-foot hurdles.

I prefer to spend my days picking the low hanging fruit of the 1-foot hurdle (to mix my metaphors!) – Bam! there’s one. Bosh! There’s another.

My marketing plan for Free Racing Tips (one of my businesses) consists of 1 side of A4. And it just lists the 1-foot hurdles that I (or the team) need to step over on a daily basis. Simple. Just do this, every day, nice and easy. Brain Surgery or Rocket Science not required.

I’ve just this morning put together the strategy plan for another of my businesses, as we aim to take it from £30k a year to £100k a year in the next 3 months – and that’s only TWO sides of A4.

There’s 29 items on that to-do list, but they’re almost ALL 1-foot hurdles. Some will take days, 1 or 2 might take weeks. But they’re still bloody easy. And if we step over those 29 tiny little hurdles, that business will be in a MUCH better place than it was 3 months earlier.

No Hustle Needed.