what would this look like if it were easy?

“What would this look like if it were easy?”

I first heard Tim Ferriss use this phrase a few years ago, and it activated that lazy part of my brain, that wants everything to be easy.

I hate hard things.

I hate complex.

I hate layer upon layer of red tape. (Probably why it didn’t work out for me as a Civil Servant!)

I watched the Leonardo DiCaprio film Inception once. It’s a bloody good film, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I’ve no idea what happened in 90% of it though, and would struggle to recap the plotline for you right now.

It was just too complex. Whilst I can still recite every line of Pulp Fiction word-for-word. (Anyone for a Big Kahuna Burger?)

Because I’m a lazy bugger, I avoid things that are hard. And that *could* mean that I just don’t do a LOT of things.


I could see if I could make them easy.

Take the ALB podcast. (https://www.bigidea.co.uk/podcast)

If we’d done the podcast “properly” when we launched in 2016, we’d have spent thousands of pounds on equipment. It would have taken us weeks of training to learn how to use it all.

We’d have spent 10 hours prepping each week, and recording 3 hours of audio to end up with a 40 minute episode. Each episode would have been edited to within an inch of its life.

We’d have had to employ researchers, sound technicians, marketers, and committed to treating it as a full time job.


We could buy a £50 mic from Amazon. Turn it on, sit down with Jason, and start yapping.

Record everything in one take, and upload to Libsyn (a single platform that populates iTunes, Stitcher, Spotify etc).

We made podcasting easy.

And because it was easy, we stuck at it.

Even when we only had 20 subscribers after 6 months. If podcasting had been hard, we’d have given up then. We’d have placed podcasting on the “too hard” pile as Charlie Munger calls it.

And here we are now, two years in. About to record our fiftieth episode. Yep, 50 episodes.

Even as we go along now, we’re still finding ways to make it easy.

Batching the recordings, so that we can get three months worth of episodes “in the can” rather than rushing to record last minute.

Getting a sound engineer to polish up the quality.

Having One Percenters on as guests, so we know their stories inside out, and can delve deep into the whys and hows of their success.

Asking Vicky to watch each episode upfront, see any edits we’ve missed, and pull out the main learning points and quotable lines from each one.

What have YOU put off doing because it’s “too hard”?

It might be worth having a browse through your “too hard” pile, and just asking yourself that simple question…

“What would this look like if it were easy?”