In this week’s show Helen asks “What’s the most effective form of marketing  to reach my target audience which are schools and businesses looking to increase staff skills? I provide training to businesses and schools on supporting mental health and improving ‘soft’ people skills”

Kane asks “I’m the general manager of a new restaurant in Blackpool, and want to make sure my launch is as successful as possible – how can I make the most of the launch?”

John tells us how a school residential trip for his seven year-old re-affirmed his “why”, and gets us all posing as Wonder Woman for two minutes in the name of science.

Sophie asks “I have started my small business trying to sell handmade painted glasses and mugs through Etsy and also via Facebook. I would like to have some sales and be able to work from home and make a nice little business for myself. I have had no sales as yet but have been making items for friends and family as presents and gifts.” – something John describes as “Kevin Costner Syndrome”