Doors are open for the One Percent Club! We’ve got just 12 spaces for ambitious, lifestyle business owners to work more closely with John and Jason to grow their businesses.

In this episode:

We review “Shoe Dog”, the memoirs of Phil Knight, the founder of Nike (and Jason gives us a memorable lesson in how to pronounce Nike “correctly”…)

We look back on a very successful month of our “Bring me Sunshine” challenge – and how forcing ourselves to think positively on a daily basis has led to the habit of positive thinking coming much, much easier to us.

It’s Jason’s turn for a rant this month – as he laments the lack of follow-up from several people he’s had dealings with recently.

John shares his simple 3-step process for “the ultimate marketing strategy”

We look at the importance of giving value as part of a content marketing strategy.

John looks forward to meeting Charlie Mullins, the “millionaire plumber” from Pimlico Plumbers later this month, and also manages to get in a dig at used car salesmen…

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