In this episode:

John tells us why he decided to switch from Apple, just two months before the launch of the iPhone X, and why he’s already regretting it – this is more than just another “Apple v Android” war of words though – there’s some real business lessons in there.

This month’s book of the month was “The Everything Store” by Brad Stone, which looks at the meteoric rise of Jeff Bezos, and, which leads John to the conclusion that “he’s a bit of an evil b*****d really isn’t he?”

Jason once again tells us how simple running a successful business is – and it all comes down to doing “what you say you’re going to do.”

John shares some of his strategies for curing overwhelm (“getting rid of your phone” is one of them, though that may simply related to his Samsung woes this month)

John also tells us what he learnt meeting Charlie Mullins, the “millionaire plumber” from Pimlico Plumbers last month.

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