John’s eight year old son is collecting mentors. Like just about every other 8 year old kid, he wants to be a famous YouTuber like DanTDM or Stampylonghead. But like John way back in 2000, he “knows that he knows nothing” – so he’s been seeking out mentors. Other kids like him that are a little bit ahead of him in his Youtube journey, and who can help give him the blueprint to succeed.

We review February’s Book of the Month by Neville Wright, which earned rave reviews, and also introduced March’s book of the month by Gerald Ratner, which having seen Gerald speak before should be very entertaining (and certainly not “crap!”).

We delve into how and why accountability works for us, and show you how we’ve used it to publish a book, learn to play golf, and even get a lazy entrepreneur doing 100 press ups every day!

Finally, we talk about public speaking – This is something that both John and Jason do quite a lot of these days. But it wasn’t always the case, so we look into the secret behind confident public speaking.