If you’ve been listening to the Big Idea Podcast for the last few months then you’ll have heard me raving about today’s guest for quite some time.

Neville Wright is the founder of Kiddicare.com, a nursery retailer that Neville started with his wife Marilyn in 1974.  But don’t be fooled into thinking this is your usual “and then I made £100 million” story – we go deep into the early years of Neville’s journey, focusing on how he took 37p and borrowed his Dad’s ladder to go from “a beggar to chairman of the board” in over afternoon.

Neville isn’t a superhuman. He hasn’t done anything that you or I couldn’t do ourselves given a decent work ethic, some business acumen and 40 years ahead of us. If you’re looking for the blueprint for almost guaranteed success, this is it.

There’s no gimmicks, no “gaming of the system”, no hustling or cheating his way to win. Neville got to the very top of his industry by always looking for a win/win solution at every opportunity, and by really looking after his customers and his staff.

We talk a lot about Neville’s book “The Answer is Yes, now what is the question?”, which I honestly believe is the best autobiography I’ve read in several years – it’s inspirational, without the level of disconnect that the average man usually feels.

If you want to succeed in business or marketing, then the answers you seek are in here – you just need to know “what is the question?”