It’s the Easter edition of the Big Idea Podcast, so it’s only natural that we talk about… Hot Cross Buns!

Specifically, how Hot Cross Buns can teach you a thing or two about growing your business – especially if you think you only sell one “thing” and can’t possibly branch out into other products or cross sell something similar to people who currently HATE what you sell.

We talk about asset creation, and why EVERYBODY should be creating, building, buying and sweating assets on a weekly, if not daily basis. We give an insight into one of the latest assets in OUR arsenal – the audiobook recording of Big Ideas for Small Businesses, where John recently spent two days in the studio, recording an asset that will still be bringing in constant revenue 20 or 30 years from now.

This month’s Book of the Month was “The Rise and Fall… and rise again” by Gerald Ratner. It’s a fascinating insight into the world of a man who had it all, the world at his feet, and then told one “crap” joke, and lost it all.

More specifically, it’s a great insight into how Gerald Ratner had everything taken away from him – apart from the knowledge between his ears, and his drive to succeed – and how he clawed his way back to become successful again.