Everyone loves Black Friday, right?

Especially today’s guest Jon Monks. Last year, Jon managed to DOUBLE the previous year’s Black Friday sales figures.

But he managed to do so whilst working HALF as hard.

So much so, that he left the office at 4pm, as there was nothing for him to do – the till was ringing all by itself!

In this episode you’ll discover:

Why Jon calls himself the “conductor of the orchestra”.
How he persuades other people to increase his sales for him.
Why Jon NEVER discounts (even on Black Friday!)
How he merges his work and private life to enjoy BOTH more.
How Jon struggled for almost two decades, before discovering a better way of working.
And LOADS more gold.
Jon has the following quote written on his office walls:

“We have the products. We have the knowledge. We have the skill.”

In the next 47 minutes, Jon will share his knowledge with you, and YOU’LL have the skill too…