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Hey, everybody! It’s John Lamerton here from Big Idea Mentoring and the ambitious lifestyle business Facebook group. I am so excited because my book, Big Ideas for Small Businesses: Simple, practical tools and tactics to help your small business grow is coming out on Wednesday, the 21st of June. The launch day is set. We are currently less than three weeks away and I am getting so excited. I’ve put so much into this book.

This book is semi-autobiographical. It details the last 17 years of my business career. All the successes I’ve had, all the mistakes I’ve made, all the lessons I’ve learned along the way. My passion is working with small business owners, and if there’s one thing I implore you to do it is to digest this book. It is to learn the lessons from it. This is the Haynes manual of running a small business, and I wanna thank you guys in advance for buying my book, ’cause I really, really do appreciate it.

I’ve got together some launch day offers. These offers are for people who buy at least one book ’cause all I need is most of the books ’cause I wanna make an impact. I wanna really make a ding on Amazon, on launch day. I want to be rising up that best seller chart. I think we’re going to get some heavy hitters here. We’re self publishing this book, so I wanna show you guys that small businesses can make a big, big impact. So we’re doing this. This is my home office. This is in my house. This used to be a bedroom, and now, I’m planning a major book launch from here. Some guys would go up against this, and they spending 40, 50 grand on a book launch. I’m spending 3,000 pounds and doing lots of video, and I’m working bloody hard at it. I wanna show you guys what is possible.

Launch day, Wednesday, 21st of June, it is the longest day of the year, so hey, you’ve got all day to buy the book. What I’m pledging for everybody who buys a book is the following: if you buy one copy of my book on launch day, and leave me a review on Amazon, doesn’t have to be five stars, but just saying. Let me know. Drop me over the copy of the invoice, copy of the review, I will send you back an amazon gift certificate for the exact price that you just paid for that book. Boom. You’re gonna get a free book. Only on launch day, okay? I am gonna give everybody who buys my book on launch day the opportunity to get it for free. It will not cost you a penny to get this book. I will refund you the entire price of the book if you buy it on launch day and leave me a review. That’s it. Boom.

If you buy three books, you will get the gift voucher, again, one of those books will be free. You will also get a very special gift from me. You will get my world domination planner. These are the actual planners that I have used over the last four or five years in my business to make huge, huge difference. These plans in here are how I’ve grown my business eight fold over the last five years. Normally, these planners only go out to members of our one percent club, okay? They’re not available to the general public. For one day only, Wednesday the 21st of June, they will be if you buy three copies of my book. Drop me over the invoice, you’ll get a free book and you’ll get the one percent club, my domination, world domination plans planner free of charge.

If you can buy five books, you will get the free book, you’ll get a free planner, and you will also get a 15 minutes coaching call. Myself or one of the team, whoever you need to speak to, will spend 15 minutes one-to-one on the call, on the phone with you, phone, Skype, Zoom, Pigeon Post, whichever works best for you, we will nail down, drill down into exactly what you need to do in your business. We talk a lot in the book about finding your one thing. The lead domino. The thing that makes everything else easier that basically is the key that unlocks the door to your business’s success. We can normally get to that in about 15 minutes with most people talking one-to-one. If you buy five books, you’re gonna get the free book, you’re gonna get the free planner, and you’re gonna get a 15 minute call with myself or with my business partner, Jason, or with Rob, or with one on the team from Big Idea. Whoever you need to talk to. We’ll ascertain that based on what you need.

If you can buy 10 books, you will get a guaranteed seat in a four hour Master Mind session. If you’re not familiar with Master Minds, this is where we get in a round table of like-minded business owners and we work to grow the collective mind, the master mind of every single person in that room. I’ve been a member of a master mind group myself and after the last four years, so, so impactful. You spend normally half an hour, 45 minutes on your business. Everyone in the room focused on your business, which is amazing, but you learn so much more from everyone else’s business. Your giving out advice to other people knowing, actually, I need to do that myself. If you can buy 10 books, you will get a guaranteed seat at a four hour master mind. That will be done online, so you don’t need to travel to us. No need to leave your office, or anything like that, just set aside half a day, Jason and I will sit down with you and tell the business owners, which is like nine of the business owners, we’re 10 in total in the group, and that is yours if you can buy 10 books.

I’m going to run out of fingers now. If you can buy 30 books, that was 40, if you can buy 30 books, we will arrange a half day, one to one coaching call with you. Either myself or Jason will sit down with you. If you’re local to us, we will come to you or you can come to us. We can meet in a coffee shop halfway, whatever. If you’re not local, we can do it by Zoom or Skype. That’s fine. A one to one half day session so we can really, really drop down into your business and send you away with real clarity, real action plans as to what you need to be doing.

If you can buy 50 books. Is that about 50, I don’t know. You can have a full day coaching call. Literally, myself or Jason, or what, you can have myself and Jason for a half day, whichever works best for you, but we can sit down with you in your business, get out your books, get out your customer books, get out your copy, look at your website, we can look at your funnels, we can look at your marketing systems, we can look at your systems and processes, we can look at the pricing, whatever you need to look at. We can really, really make a huge difference in a full day.

75 books, can you stretch to 75 books? If you can, you will get an annual membership, a free annual membership into our next one percent club. One percent club, we only accept 12 people every 90 days. Paid group mentoring service, okay? I mentioned it earlier, that’s what the planner’s for. Normally, the only way to get in is to wait until our next intake, and it pays you money. Nope, if you buy 75 books on launch day, you will be in our next intake, and you won’t pay a penny for the first year. Done. Trust me, that in itself is worth its weight in gold, and of course, you’re not gonna be in the one percent club group, but you’ve got 75 books. My God. You can give them out to your friends. you can give them out if you’ve got a coaching class yourself. Or you’ve got a business group you can give them away. You can give them away as prizes. You can sell them on eBay. They’re gonna be worth a fortune.

Finally, pro averagely, if you’re able to buy over 100 books, then let’s have a conversation, and tell us what do you want from us? Whether that’s a regular monthly one to one. Do you wanna sit down with us and have us working in your business? Do you want to look at exec. directorships? Do you wanna talk investments? If you want something bespoke that you think, actually, you know what, John, I’d love it if you could do this for me, and you’re willing to buy at least 100 books. Let’s talk. Let’s put a price on it, and let’s say okay, I’ll tell you what, if you can buy 500 books, you will get me doing this in your business for this long. If any of that sounds of interest, please don’t think that I know you lucky people who are buying 100 plus books, no, if you can buy one book, I am ecstatic and I am so grateful because one book does make a huge difference. If you can buy three, I’m happy. If you can buy five, amazing. If you can buy 30, I’m gonna love you.

But if you can buy one book, I am happy, happy, happy to give you that Amazon gift voucher. I will refund that and you will pay nothing for that book. That is my gift to you for helping me on launch day. All of these offers are the 24 hour only sale. Wednesday, 21st of June is when it’s all happening. I’m gonna send you some stuff over the next week or so just to let you know little snippets about what’s in the book, what you can expect from it, maybe a few more extra videos. A little bit more about us and what we do, but until then, hopefully we’ll speak again on Wednesday 21st because this gonna be a huge, huge day for me. In a way, I’m so looking forward to the 22nd of June when I can actually sleep, but for now, all focus is on the 21st. We’ll speak then. Thank you for watching. I hope, really hope you enjoy the book. I’ve enjoyed putting it together. I know you are gonna love it. I’ll see you on the other side, guys. Adios!