Get a brand new BIG idea every week

Get a brand new BIG idea every week

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If you’ve enjoyed reading any of John’s books, and would like to get more content from him, then you’re in luck!

John writes a weekly blog, with a brand new “big idea” every Wednesday lunchtime. More simple, practical tools and tactics to help your small business grow – and as you’d expect from John, they’re all written in his trademark “down to earth, no-nonsense” style.

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Latest Big Ideas

Bill Gates walks into a bar…

Bill Gates walks into a bar…

A study of drivers in Sweden revealed that 90% of people consider themselves to be an "above average" driver. To be average is to be the best of the worst, or the worst of the best. Do you want average health? Exactly halfway between a heart attack waiting to happen,...

Want to knock off early tonight?

Want to knock off early tonight?

    Pay someone for an hour, and they'll give you an hour. Pay someone for a job, and they'll do that same job in 35 minutes. FedEx famously discovered this decades ago, when they were struggling to meet their overnight deadlines, with huge backlogs of parcels...

But why, though??

But why, though??

"But why, though?" Ask any child to do anything, and this is the response you'll likely get. We all want to know *why* we need to do things, what our purpose is on the planet, and what it all means. Yet we don't always share those reasons with our team. Carl Braun...

Takeaway Trauma

Takeaway Trauma

  I know, you wouldn't believe it to look at my six pack and toned physique (or at least the pictures of them on my vision board), but I actually do eat takeaway every now and then. Last week, the cuisine of choice was our local Indian restaurant. We've been...

“Stop trying to hit the bloody ball!”

“Stop trying to hit the bloody ball!”

  That was the advice my golf coach gave me this week. I was so focused on trying to hit the little white sphere, that all of my attention was going into *trying* to hit it. Which meant that I wasn’t focusing on extending my arms correctly. I wasn’t focused on...

7 ways to get more done in less time…

7 ways to get more done in less time…

Every time I do a Q&A, or a talk, I get asked some variation of the “how do you get so much done” question. It’s happened so many times now, that I thought I’d write a post to tell you exactly I get so much done – and I can then save even more time, by pointing...

“John and Jason have been there and done it and don’t have an ego about it like many others.

I know I am better organised, better planned and prepared and more likely to succeed sooner, thanks to their wisdom and experience.”

Matt Tricot - 1upsearch

"Two normal blokes from Plymouth" John and Jason have been working together, building businesses for over two decades!

They're the anti-gurus with a strong dislike of psuedo business psycho-babble. Their no-nonsense, straightforward approach with relateable and valuable advice has won them followers from all over the world. They've helped hundreds of business owners improve their businesses and lives.

The King of Can-do and the 'Lazy' Entrepreneur have a mountain of knowledge they're happy to share.

Could you DOUBLE your business 1% at a time?

Could you grow your business by just 1% this week? That doesn’t sound too hard, does it? Well, if you could grow your business by just 1% every week, after 69 weeks, you’d have DOUBLED your business!

These 1% gains are the same techniques used by the British Cycling Team that helped them turn a bunch of “also-rans” into world beaters, notching up forty-two medals in the last four Olympics, as well as winning six of the last seven Tour De France races.

The One Percent Club will show you EXACTLY how to implement these 1% gains into your business, and how they can stack up to REALLY grow your business.

John released his first book “Big Ideas… for Small Businesses” in 2017, and it shot straight to the #1 bestseller list for Small Business and Entrepreneurship on Amazon, outselling books by Richard Branson, Alan Sugar and Duncan Bannatyne combined.

Since then, it’s sold thousands and thousands of copies all over the world, and attracted more than 100 five-star reviews. But more importantly, it’s changed the lives of small business owners all over the world, who now understand that running a lifestyle business isn’t a bad thing.

I think you’ll like it…

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