Congratulations on getting your hands on one of our World Domination Planners.  There are three elements that make up the planner:

The Could Do list
The Big Three
Weekly Planner

We have also left space in the planners to review each quarter, so that you know what you have achieved, and how far your business has moved forward, also to enable you to write any notes for future planning that you may need, when you look back over the quarter/year.

Keep reading below for the transcripts and video walk through for each section of the planner.  If you have any questions or need help, please visit our Facebook group Ambitious. Lifestyle. Business. and we’ll help you.

In this short episode we will look at the Could Do list.

This is the first step into using our planner effectively, and ensuring you stay on track each quarter with the things which really will drive your business forward.

The Could Do list is not a to do list, rather it’s a brain dump for everything you could do to make your business grow.  It’s a place to put down the ideas you have at the beginning of the quarter, and the place to jot down any ideas you get during the quarter.  You can put down as many ideas as you have. This is the place to park them, and the place where you decide what you will be doing for the quarter.

Ideas could include:

  • Emailing your list
  • Particular product launch
  • New pricing strategy
  • Trade show
  • New flyer
  • New business cards
  • Website design
  • Television advert
  • Calling old customers

In fact anything you can think of, which will move your business forward.  Following some feedback from users of the first planner, we have added a Rating box for you to use.  You may decide to use it however best works for you, out of 5 out of 10, ABC however best suits your way of working, but the idea is to rate the Could Do list into some kind of order on effectiveness etc, so that you can easily work out which items to tackle in what order.

Now the real magic is, that all ideas go onto the could do list, so they are not forgotten, but more importantly, they don’t make it on to your daily/weekly or monthly lists until you plan your next 90 days.  This means you stay on track with the current big three, and do not go off track with the shiny new ideas.


90 Day Planning

We have settled on planning in 90 day chunks.  We have found this to be the optimal time to set goals, and plan out how to achieve them.  It’s long enough to make a real difference, but not too long as to prevent change of direction or become stagnant or overly focussed on one plan.

We prioritise things in threes.  The Big Three are the three things which we need to achieve during this 90 days, which will move our business forward.

The big three are decided from your could to list, and are the three things which will move your business further forward than anything else on the list.  You should have rated your ideas on the could do list, so that it becomes easier to decide on which three will become your Big Three.

These Big Three will have the greatest impact on your business.  They will make a difference once complete, or they will enable you to move forward with other ideas.

Once you have your big three, you then need to plan out the three things you will achieve each month, which will ensure that you hit your big three.  These are mini goals, that once you complete them, you will be a step closer to your achieving your Big Three for the quarter.

Doing these 9 things in 3 months will see your business in a much better place, and you will always know that what you are doing will move your business forward.


Weekly Planning

Now onto the basics of the One Thing

We already know what our Big Three are, and we have broken those down into 3 things to do each month in the quarter, now to drill down further, and get to the weekly planner.

The one thing, we talk about all the time in our group and during our coaching calls.  The One Thing is the one job you can do today that will drive you closer to achieving your monthly goals, and your Big Three.  

Firstly we need to decide what the One Thing for the week should be, the one thing that you need to do, in order to be able to complete one of your monthly goals, and ultimately your Big Three.

Once you have that set, you then work out the steps you need to take each day, to ensure you complete the One Thing for the week.  These become your daily One Things.

It is important, actually, no, essential that you complete the daily one things.  It will keep you on track and ensure you are always moving forward, and that you will always complete your monthly goals and your Big Three for the quarter.

To do this, we promote blocking time, ahead of the rest of your usual day to day, to get this done, to complete your one thing, you see once you have nailed it for the day, you know your business is now in a better place than it was yesterday, and you know that you are another step closer to achieving your Big Three.

Only by sticking with the plan will you move forward and grow your business, so don’t let anything get in the way of achieving the One Thing, as that will jeopardize your business and achieving all that you are able to.